My name is Campbell but everyone calls me Bumble.

I’m 12 years old. When I was 9 I asked mum and dad if we could buy christmas presents for kids in hospital when they told me it would cost too much I decided to make them. I decided that I would make 1 present a day which is 365 a year and give them all away.

I have done this for two Christmases now and I love it. I make special bears to auction and fundraise for people too.

This is my webpage to share my story and show you the things that I make.I also have a Facebook page where I share stuff about the bears I’ve made and what I’m raising money for –

So far for 2016 I have made over 400 presents and raised $5,241 for fundraisers

I use my pocket money to buy fabric and things but if you would like to help me my PO Box is po box 2111, HOWRAH TAS 7018 and my PayPal address is :

If you have a media enquiry you can contact:

Campbell with one of his latest bears 'Puffer'
The Mercurt Tasmania Campbell Project 365