Here are just a few of Bumble’s recent projects:

  • Ouch Bears Tasmanain Ambulance Service Campbell Project 365Made and donated ‘Ambo’ bears for kids who are feeling sick or scared on Tasmanian Ambulances
  • Raised $1605 AUD for victims of domestic violence (via Gateway Services)
  • Sold his bears on eBay for a range of charities – including Orange Sky (who wash clothes for homeless people), Love Your Sister, and the White Lion Foundation (Domestic violence support for children).


  • Made ‘Winner’ Bears for great kids like William.
William with his 'Winner' Bear
William with his ‘Winner’ Bear

His mum, Julia, wrote:

”In February this year, my little boy was lucky enough to receive one of Campbell’s Winner bears. He made a very funky bear called Winner Will.
William had been in hospital just over 6 months. 4.5 months living via an artificial heart keeping him alive, and then another 2 months recovering from a heart transplant. He had not yet turned 2.
I got a message from Bumble telling me he’d made a bear for William, as a member of Williams FB support page asked if a bear could be made. He THEN also made a bear that was auctioned on eBay to help us out financially as times were very tough.
We were extremely humbled when Bumbles Mum Son, hand delivered Winner Will to us at RCH Melbourne and spent some time with us as William met his new friend. Son wasn’t well herself at the time and I couldn’t thank her enough for her generosity in coming to say Hi.
Bumble you really do bring sunshine to people’s lives. It’s amazing how something so simple as a teddy bear can make such a difference.
In a world where there’s more take than give, where greed becomes stronger than generosity, YOU are the exception and I hope everyone can take a piece of your message and pay it forward.
We are so proud of your achievements and hope when we one day visit Tasmania, Willo can give you a big high five!
We believe in the magic of your bears ‘